Fountain Pen Maintenance Tips

A fountain pen is a practical writing device that employs a metal nib on a ball to write on paper. It is distinguished by the absence of an internal reservoir for storing ink, allowing the user to simply refill the reservoir with fresh ink whenever it gets dry. The mechanism of refilling the fountain pen has evolved over the years to facilitate simplicity, efficiency, and safety. Refill cartridges can now be bought online or in most stores that stock fountain pens. In addition to this, check out this website that has more info about the most ideal and best fountain pens to use. 

Fountain pens utilize an innovative mechanism that involves filling a reservoir with ink and later, removing the nib, replacing the reservoir with a new one, and then filling again. This process repeatedly repeats itself, thus producing very reliable results. The reservoir holds the ink which acts as a drying agent for the next application of the fountain pens' ink.

Since fountain pens are used so often, they tend to lose their ink rapidly if not properly maintained. Hence fountain pen users are advised to clean the reservoir with specially made cleaners available at most stores. If you do not have these cleaners, dilute some vinegar with some water and then use this solution to clean the reservoir. You must ensure that the ammonia is completely dissolved before cleaning the nib.

Another aspect of maintenance is keeping your fountain pens' ink in good condition. If you keep your fountain pens in their original containers, avoid placing them in situations where they might come in contact with heat, light, or physical shock. When traveling, ensure that you write with your fountain pens and not your lap or a bag. Keep your nibs away from chemicals, such as laundry soaps, bleach, hair dye, and paint supplies. Thus, always consider using the fountain pens from the Pennifeather dealers since they are ideal and longlasting. 

Taking care of your fountain pens also means taking care of the nibs. Never allow your fountain pens to get dirty. Clean them with a soft dry cloth now and then. Also, wipe the nib clean now and then with a soft towel. Remember to clean the nib only when the previous blog post was written.

Keeping your fountain pens in good condition is part of the reasons why you bought them in the first place. With just a little care, your fountain pens will give you years of faithful writing. If you want to prolong the life of your fountain pens, follow the maintenance tips mentioned above. Hopefully, after following these tips, your previous blog post will be timeless. Check out this link for a more and better understanding of this topic.

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